Accounting and Bookkeeping

As bookkeeping is essential for every business who wants to succeed financially and do things right, at OutPro we understand the importance of accuracy, timeliness and efficiency. With our many years of combined experience in this area, our processes and tools have been developed to aid this often laborious process to be far more automated, accurate and efficient.

OutPro offers a range of accounting and bookkeeping services, using a number of in-demand software programs.

Our services include everything from the basics, like daily banking reconciliations, payroll set-up and pay-runs, fixed asset management, right through to reporting and annual financial statements – all your business could require. Our team members are either fully qualified or near-qualified chartered accountants, ensuring speed, accuracy and reliability.

OutPro general accounting and bookkeeping services:

  • Manual data entry of Bank statements and Credit Card statements
  • Reconciliations, including:
    • Bank statements
    • Credit card statements
    • PayPal statements
    • Accounts receivable and accounts payable


  • Payroll set-up and processing, including:
    • Employee details, entitlements, allowances and PAYG tax rates
    • Superannuation guarantee
    • Super Stream ESA (Electronic Service Address)
    • Timesheet processing
    • Periodic payroll pay-runs
    • Employee pay slips (generation and issuance thereof)
    • PAYG Payment Summaries (generation and issuance thereof)
    • Conversion to Xero cloud accounting packages of:
    • Accounting ledgers
    • Fixed assets registers